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Filing Controls

Keyboard indexing
This is where FilePlus has always differed to competitors. Our software works on the principle of employing completely licence free databases each tailored to the specific user requirements. To achieve this, we do not expect (require?) users to be involved with folders. Our approach is to present an interface comprising of pre-agreed design allowing indexing via text, combo and tick boxes.

Examples of these can be seen here:

For enhanced accuracy, any or all of the index values can be verified against pre-loaded data files. Unique values can also be used to populate the remaining fields from data files, thus saving indexing time.

Barcode and OCR assisted indexing
Barcode indexing is the ultimate filing tool. It is an accurate, fast and totally automatic filing procedure. In FilePlus, barcodes on the scanned images are read and stored as data for use in future retrieval. Thousands of images can be filed automatically in one operation.

In addition, FilePlus offers full text OCR indexing where a structured approach is not relevant. This provides a very powerful search facility as all text read is stored in a very fast text-retrieval database.

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