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Document Capture

There are two methods employed in the FilePlus.NET suite designed to capture documents prior to filing. Incoming or signature-bearing paperwork is scanned whilst internally-produced electronic files can be transferred as unalterable images into the FilePlus archive database.

Image capture - Paper
This powerful part of the software has been developed over 15 years resulting in a bureau-standard product. It is not manufacturer dependant and will drive most scanners in the marketplace e.g. Canon, Fujitsu, Kodak, Panasonic.

A great deal of thought has gone into making FilePlus’ scanning interface very efficient in use, to the extent that it compares favourably with offerings from some of the biggest hardware players. The Scan Module includes a powerful batch scanning feature, allowing documents scanned centrally to be saved anywhere on the network. The software also includes powerful tools more usually found in much larger products such as image cleansing, barcode reading and OCR.

Image capture - Electronic files
FilePlus’s ethos is to store all documents in standard TIFF image format. This allows us to store copies of any document from any software application ensuring future integrity, whatever Microsoft and others might eventually do with the format of Office documents. Another potential positive of this approach is that files ‘sent into’ FilePlus as a TIFF copy could be argued to be unchangeable records from a regulatory/legislative viewpoint.

Documents captured this way join the scanned images for eventual filing into the FilePlus database.


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